Target List of Swim Meets

Each season, the club targets certain swim meets to cater for all levels of swimmers. Swimmers have Coach support at all targeted swim meets. We encourage all Yeronga Park members to compete at these events.

For a list of the 2016-17 Targeted Meets please click here

2016-2017 Calendar

All Other Swim Meets

At times, swimmers may need to compete at swim meets outside the club’s target events. Swimmers are expected to speak to their Coach prior to entering any additional swim meets. If a swimmer has permission to attend a non-targeted meet, the TM file needs to be email to with the meet flyer TWO weeks before meet closing date.

How to Nominate

Details to follow shortly.

Timekeeping at Swim Meets

Yeronga Park Swim Club is required to provide time keepers at many of the meets we go to. If you nominate your child to swim, you will be expected to do some timekeeping. Please make yourself available, if everyone helps then only a short period of time will be required by each person on the day.


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